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Unlock the future of solar energy.

We are sharing knowledge about how to build the future of Nanocrystalline Solar Power. We will use our cooperation and technology to improve sustainable energy production and reduce the cost of renewable energy worldwide. 

Free Energy Is Just Your Imagination

We have the power to create a better future.


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Changing for the better.

Imagine a world where everybody can freely harness the abundant free energy that is all around us.
Nanocrystalline Technology
Nanocrystalline Technology

R & D

Harness the limitless potential of subatomic solar power technology on a global scale.

Nanocrystalline Technology


Dedicated to the development and manufacture of a variety of atom sized particle-based semiconductor materials.

Nanocrystalline Technology

Zero Impact

Eye of Unity aims to create a future where electricity is clean and free, powering your everyday life.
Nanocrystalline Technology

Process Automation

Make a contribution to improving the quality of life for people all over the world.


Research & Development

This is a scientific method to provide a cleaner and greener alternative to traditional energy sources, contribute to the global economy, while creating new jobs and benefiting local business.
Nanocrystalline Technology
Nanocrystalline Technology


We work with a wide variety of industries & users

Eye of Unity Foundation is ensuring that everyone can benefit from clean and green solar energy.

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tHelp us decentralize the future of solar power one step at a time through cryptocurrency funding. Use (EYES) Token to pay for your project and invest in the future of the Polygon Blockchain.

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We are committed to building a world where all regions of the world can produce their own renewable energy using atomic solar cells.

Provide the world with a safe alternative for generating electricity; not based on burning coal, oil or gas to create toxic chemicals and pollution in our atmosphere. But instead use earth-friendly materials to harness the unlimited sources of energy provided by our Sun.


Let’s start a solar revolution.



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