Company Description

The Eye of Unity Foundation is a non-profit company that focuses on environmental sustainability. The Foundation uses modern minimalist housing prefabs to help rebuild communities in third-world countries damaged by natural disasters or economic strife in MATIC cryptocurrency.



Game Design
Unreal Engine 5
Game Repair
Business model

The owner makes a 1% commission on all OpenSea NFT Collections from the Eye of Unity NFT Arcade online games. Salary for the CEO and owners of a non-profit in the United States is determined by a designated board of directors. These restrictions will only apply to the owners in America for taxes as investors in (EYES) cryptocurrency will not be realized profits in USD or realized profits as a non-profit organization.

Market opportunity

The Eye of Unity Foundation is a groundbreaking, sustainable organization changing the way the world tackles homelessness. By using modern, minimalist housing prefabs and nanocrystalline solar power, the Foundation is helping to rebuild communities devastated by natural disasters or economic strife. And because their coin – (EYES) – is based on the free Polygon decentralized blockchain transfer technology and online gaming, donors from all over the world can support the Foundation in ways they’re uniquely suited to join the revolution now!


Our modular housing prefabs are indestructible making them perfect for relief efforts following natural disasters or economic strife. Our native coin, (EYES), will be used to finance projects that promote sustainable living. You can help support our work playing games on Polygon.

Eye of Unity Foundation

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