Phase 1: Mint Events Are Hosted for Eyeverse Avatars

Phase 2: (EYES) Arcade Wallet and Game Release for Eye of Unity Arcade

Phase 3: High Score Tournaments begin monthly for NFT Games

Phase 4: (EYES) Micro Job App Release providing (EYES) liquidity

Phase 5: Introduce (EYES) Coin to major exchanges

Phase 6: 1% donation and utility funding implemented for nonprofit solar

Eye Of Unity

Play – And – Mint NFT Games FREE

Buy NFT Games and In-Game

All-In-One ERC 1155 NFT Tokens on opensea

ERC 721 Polygon Collection Minting Events

In-Game NFT Characters are becoming more popular as the Polygon Blockchain has allowed game designers to access their crypto assets with the Unity Game Engine.

douglas the enzyme slime

Enzyme Slimes NFT

Mint 1x (ENZ) OpenSea Token to find your favorite Enzyme Slime

select weapon gif


Mint 1x (SLT) OpenSea Token to receive your weapon of  choice

boost gauges

Micro Ion Parts

Mint 1x  (IONPTS) OpenSea Token to use with your favorite car from the Eye of Unity’s Micro Ion Racer NFT Collection

white deer


Mint 1x (MANMLS) OpenSea Token for a minimalist NFT Collectible

ultra hadron origin gif logo

Ultra Hadron Origins

Mint 1x (ULTRAO) OpenSea Tokens and buy your favorite mad animal here

virtual pet avatar

Virtual Pet

Mint 1x (EYEA) Virtual Pet Polygon Tokens for free and keep them happy

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