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This one-of-a-kind collection features 50 different weapons and a total of 20,000 NFTs. But what sets this collection apart from others is that it also includes a simple online pixel art multiplayer game that can be played on any desktop computer. With this game, players can battle their friends from anywhere in the world all while showcasing their rare and valuable NFT weapons.

But who exactly is behind this innovative project? Eye of Unity (EOU) is a blockchain gaming studio that focuses on creating immersive gaming experiences through the use of blockchain technology. The team at EOU saw the potential in NFTs and wanted to create something special for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike.

The Arcade Weapons NFT Collection combines both imagination and functionality, giving players not only collectible assets but also a fun and engaging way to interact with them. With each weapon being uniquely designed with its own set of characteristics, owning one feels like owning a piece of art.

But these weapons aren’t just for show. Eye of Unity has integrated these weapons into their online multiplayer game, allowing players to use them in battles against their friends or other players around the world. This adds an exciting layer to the collection as it adds real-world utility to these digital assets.

One may wonder, why invest in these virtual weapons? Well, similar to any collectible item, rarity plays a crucial role in determining its value. And with only 20,000 NFTs available in this collection, each weapon holds significant value due to its limited quantity. Furthermore, the integration of these NFTs into the game adds a layer of scarcity that can drive up their value in the long run.

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But even beyond just the potential for investment, owning an Arcade Weapons NFT is simply cool. It’s a way to show off your love for gaming, blockchain, and unique digital assets all at once. And with each weapon being tradable on various marketplaces, players have the opportunity to not only collect their favorite weapons but also potentially make a profit from them.

One aspect that sets the Arcade Weapons NFT Collection apart from others in the space is Eye of Unity’s commitment to giving back to its community. With every purchase made from this collection, a percentage goes towards supporting indie game developers through grants and sponsorships. This shows EOU’s dedication to not only building a successful business but also uplifting and supporting other creators in the industry.

In addition to supporting indie game developers, Eye of Unity has also teamed up with several charities to donate a portion of their sales towards different causes. This adds an element of social responsibility to the project, making it more than just a collection of digital assets but also a movement for positive change.

And for those who are worried about security and authenticity when it comes to NFTs, rest assured that Eye of Unity has taken all measures to ensure that these weapons are genuine. Each weapon is minted on Ethereum blockchain using ERC-721 token standard, providing full transparency and proof of ownership for its buyers.

The future looks bright for both Eye of Unity and the Arcade Weapons NFT Collection. As more players join in on this unique gaming experience, demand for these weapons is expected to increase. And with plans for future expansions and collaborations already in motion, there’s no telling how far this project will go.

The Arcade Weapons NFT Collection by Eye of Unity is much more than just another crypto project or gaming collection – it’s an innovative intersection of blockchain technology, gaming, and giving back to the community. So gather your friends, join in on some friendly battles, and become a part of this exciting and rapidly growing NFT collection.

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