3D-Printed Architecture


Nano-Solar Power



299,792,458 ($EYES)

Eye of Unity Foundation is committed to global equality and environmental protection



($EYES) total 299,792,458 on SOL and MATIC blockchains and share a 1:1 trading ratio. Adding liquidity and swapping is available through the iExchange

Currency Exchange

299,792,458 ($EYES) trades on the SOL and Polygon Blockchain to secure future wallet ipgrades and scalability through the iExchange


Transferring ($EYES) cryptocurrency for SOL or MATIC will be available through Eyeverse ATMs, Arcade Machines or with a cryptocurrency wallet


($EYES) serves as an effective tool for those looking to invest ethically and help build a better future for all inhabitants on Earth.


Lo-Fi Blockchain Technology

The primary goal of ($EYES is to incentivize individuals to take part in activities that contribute to a more sustainable world. ($EYES) cryptocurrecny allows users to make informed decisions regarding environmental sustainability through data analysis based on current events and trends within the industry. $EYES offers an innovative system that promotes sustainability and encourages worldwide cooperation.


Achieving Environmental Sustainability ($EYES)

 $EYES aims to provide support for underprivileged communities around the world that are disproportionately affected by environmental pollution and climate change. With strong encryption and other security measures built into cryptocurrency blockchains, $EYES offers peace of mind for investors looking to move funds securely while helping preserve our planet’s natural resources and biodiversity.



Built on the SOL and Polygon Blockchain For Collectors, Gamers, & Sustainabile Living

 As more users adopt blockchain wallet technology and join the network (Mint NFTs), IPFS adds additional nodes to a cryptocurrency by minting SOL and MATIC NFTs. This type of decentralization balances out high energy nodes from gaming and heavy internet traffic across all participating machines which helps maintain consistent performance even during periods of high usage and traffic spikes.

This ensures that Polygon Blockchain applications remain reliable while still being able to accommodate large numbers of concurrent users without experiencing slowdowns or disruptions in service due to overloads caused by excessive usage demands.