Phase 1: Mint Events Are Hosted for Eyeverse Avatars

Phase 2: (EYES) Arcade Wallet and Game Release for Eye of Unity Arcade

Phase 3: High Score Tournaments begin monthly for NFT Games

Phase 4: (EYES) Micro Job App Release providing (EYES) liquidity

Phase 5: Introduce (EYES) Coin to major exchanges

Phase 6: 1% donation and utility funding implemented for nonprofit solar

Cryptocurrency that Empowers It’s Users



We Build

Nano Solar Power

299,792,458 (EYES)




 (EYES) share a magnetic connection of 299,792,458 tokens. (EYES) is a magnetic 1:1 trading ratio between blockchains virtually.

Currency Exchange

299,792,458 (EYES) will always be available on the SOL and Polygon Blockchains for integration of nanocrystalline solar.


Transferring EYES cryptocurrency for SOL or MATIC will be available through Eyeverse ATMs or with a cryptocurrency wallet


EYES is in a mirco job app on the IOS and Google Play Store that provides a digital crypto micro services in MATIC or SOL


Connecting With Your Users

The Eye of Unity Foundation uses the Metamask and Phantom wallet to transfer EYES tokens. These tokens will be used in Nanocrystalline Solar Research on the equator in Africa funded by American Programs in The United States. Cryptocurrency will be transferrable through in game currency stations and a social micro job app.


Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

Navigating the cryptocurrency metaverse can be complicated at first and with the help of a micro job app anyone will be able to use the metaverse without hesitation using digital crypto micro services. Users can make MATIC or SOL answering cryptocurrency users most basic questions.

299,792,458 (EYES)

Built on the SOL and Polygon Blockchain For Freelancers, Gamers, & Personal Use

Trade on Dexlab

Trade on Quickswap

OpenSea Metaverse


Low-Cap Investment




 As more users adopt blockchain wallet technology and join the network (Mint NFTs), IPFS adds additional nodes to a cryptocurrency by minting SOL and MATIC NFTs. This type of decentralization balances out high energy nodes from gaming and heavy internet traffic across all participating machines which helps maintain consistent performance even during periods of high usage and traffic spikes.

This ensures that Polygon Blockchain applications remain reliable while still being able to accommodate large numbers of concurrent users without experiencing slowdowns or disruptions in service due to overloads caused by excessive usage demands.