In times like these, it’s more important than ever to remember that good trees don’t fall by themselves. They need people to help them stand tall and proud, no matter what the challenge. And that’s why we’re here. We believe in using the power of play to change the world for the better. That’s why we host games that earn you nanocrystalline solar technology, to help rebuild Africa with clean energy. So come join us! Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Play to earn your way toward a better future for all of us.

What is nanocrystalline solar technology?

While other forms of solar power rely on a material called silicon, nanocrystalline solar technology is based on a material called cadmium telluride. Cadmium telluride is a semiconductor that can convert sunlight directly into electricity with over 20 times the efficiency of silicon.


This kind of technology could power almost every home in the world, on our own planet. It could also eliminate the need for fossil fuels, which are causing climate change and destroying ecosystems around the world.

When we say “play to earn,” we mean it. We believe that there’s no better way to make a difference than by playing games together and earning the solar technology we need to change the world.


We’re in the business of creating change. We know that you can’t change the world on your own.

Why rebuild africa with nanocrystalline solar technology.

We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to using games to improve the world. Though we’re based in Africa, our projects range from developing countries all over the world, and we currently have projects in nearly 50 countries. We believe in using the power of play to change the world for the better.

African Bloodline and Evolutionary Traits

The Human Race first finished the last evolutionary phase in which Homo Sapiens had slowly been shifting away from the Chimpanzee traits which they had inherited long ago when Homo Sapiens and Chimpanzees were barely able to mate. As Homo Sapien’s diet and exercise changed and they began eating different things their DNA structure slowly began to change dividing up races into different areas of the world. African bloodlines have the most available traits as Caucasians are the second race to have the highest amount of evolutionary structure and quantum DNA available.  The decline is due to the Geodesic infrastructure of physics due to entropy and ectropy at the Big Bang and towards the end with a White Hole. Now we are able to see the amount of impossibilities of endless species over millions of years, but we now also know will never be able to accurately simulate all of them due to minor extinctions and developments in natural selection from the works of Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. 

Nanocrystalline Solar Technology is very effective in Burundi, East Africa.

A solar power panel is a silicon wafer with a surface coating that converts the sun’s light into electricity. The process of manufacturing the silicon wafer begins with silicon, and then the silicon is baked at high temperatures, which creates a silicon wafer. The best solar cells are made from silicon that has a low defect density, which is the interconnected lattice of silicon atoms that make up the silicon wafer. Due to the low defect density, nanocrystalline silicon is the ideal material for manufacturing the surface coating of a solar cell.

Solar power is the most promising renewable energy source, but the cost of solar panels is currently too high to be cost-effective for the average person. As a result, research continues to try to reduce the cost of solar power by developing new solar panels and manufacturing techniques.

• Nanocrystalline technology involves a technique called “wet-chemical” manufacturing, which involves creating a solution of the materials that make up the solar panel and then pouring this solution into a mold. This method is more expensive than traditional “dry-chemical” manufacturing, but it is the only way to create truly thin and flexible panels.

• The process of manufacturing solar panels is also very complicated, which can take months to complete and entail countless tests and trials.

• Although there is no set timeline for the production of solar panels, it is expected that the cost will continue to decrease and that solar panels will become more feasible for the average consumer.

Nanocrystalline solar technology for Africa.

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