A strong market must still fluctuate. This fluctuation is expected and deflated in a healthy economy. The basis of a currency value lies in the skill or material that is being traded for. This hand-to-hand thinking all money can be reduced based on its impact on natural resources and materials from the Earth to provide food, housing, and clothing for all humans. A strong market must fluctuate. This fluctuation in a healthy market is part of the oscillation through the time and scarcity of obtaining enough resources for our population’s consumption.

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Using Art, Architecture, and Food in a Healthy Economy 5

A Minimalist Approach

Art, architecture, and food are some of the most important and beautiful things in the world. They also contribute a lot to a healthy economy, as they are high quality and the most direct realization of a sale using currency. For example, using more art, architecture, and food in our everyday lives would take more artists, designers, and chefs. A diverse civilization is able to create much-needed fluctuations in the time it takes to build and create masterpieces. Masterpieces in terms of science are a clear representation of Atheism, art, and traditions like orthodoxies in the form of mathematics inventions and papers. 

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Using Art, Architecture, and Food in a Healthy Economy 6

Example of a Working Economy:

As a butcher needs his tools the blacksmith must melt iron to make them. This iron is valuable because it is a critical function because we all must eat so his job is part of a healthy functioning economy through food. Metallurgy is a broad category of critical economic components with a wide array of different uses including conducting electricity. 

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Using Art, Architecture, and Food in a Healthy Economy 7

The Code To A Fast-Paced Global Alignment of Art, Architecture, and Food

It is possible for the world to restructure our current global economy and provide a fast-paced functioning world economy with our global population. Knowledge of the cornerstones and frameworks for a fully functioning global FOREX marketplace that continues to rise like a wing. True loss of value or money can also be simply stated as a new realization of a wrong decision. Determining how much Art, Architecture, and Food we EACH MUST ALL HAVE to be in tune with a sustainable world is unknown but may be possible to determine with the help of A.I. in the future. A.I. can predict the amounts of valuable resources we really need to function and whip the economy correctly to provide deep oscillations and high bell curves without damaging a country’s core functioning abilities. 

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