Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm, revolutionizing the way we perceive and trade digital art. NFTs allow artists to tokenize their unique creations, providing proof of ownership and authenticity. However, creating NFTs can be a daunting task, especially for those who are not well-versed in coding or graphic design. Fortunately, there are several free online NFT makers that make the process easier and more accessible. In this article, we will explore some of the best free online NFT makers that can unlock your creativity and help you join the NFT revolution.

The Best Free Online NFT Makers

1. Rarible

Rarible is a popular online platform that allows artists to create, buy, and sell NFTs. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to mint their digital creations into NFTs. Rarible supports various file formats, including images, videos, and audio. The platform also enables artists to set royalties for their creations, ensuring they receive a portion of the sales whenever their NFTs are resold.

2. Mintable

Mintable is another excellent free online NFT maker that simplifies the process of creating and selling NFTs. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to easily upload their digital artwork. Mintable supports both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, providing flexibility for creators. The platform also provides robust customization options, enabling artists to add additional details and metadata to their NFTs.

3. Opensea

Opensea is the largest marketplace for NFTs, but it also offers a user-friendly NFT creation tool. Artists can easily upload their digital files and convert them into NFTs without any technical knowledge. Opensea supports various blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn, offering creators a wide range of options. Additionally, Opensea provides a built-in wallet, making it convenient for artists to manage their NFT collections.

4. SuperRare

SuperRare is a curated platform that focuses on high-quality digital art. While the platform is known for its exclusivity, it also offers a simple NFT creation process. Artists can submit their artwork for review, and once approved, they can mint their creations as NFTs. SuperRare provides a unique feature called “unlockable content,” allowing artists to include additional files or experiences that are accessible to the buyer after purchase.

5. Foundation

Foundation is a platform that aims to empower creators and promote their work. Artists can apply to join the platform and, if accepted, they can mint their artwork into NFTs. Foundation emphasizes the curation of high-quality art, ensuring that only exceptional creations are showcased. The platform also provides a bidding system, allowing artists to auction their NFTs and potentially earn higher profits.


Q1: Do I need coding skills to create NFTs using these platforms?

No, you do not need coding skills to create NFTs using these platforms. They offer user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for anyone to mint their digital creations into NFTs.

Q2: Can I sell my NFTs on other platforms after creating them using these makers?

Yes, most of these platforms allow you to sell your NFTs on other platforms as well. However, it is essential to check the terms and conditions of each platform to ensure compliance.

Q3: Are there any fees associated with creating NFTs using these platforms?

Yes, most platforms charge a gas fee for minting NFTs on the blockchain. Gas fees vary depending on the blockchain used and the current network congestion.

Q4: Can I set the price for my NFTs?

Yes, these platforms allow you to set the price for your NFTs. Additionally, some platforms offer the option to set royalties, ensuring you receive a percentage of the sales whenever your NFTs are resold.

Q5: What file formats are supported for creating NFTs?

The supported file formats vary depending on the platform. However, most platforms support common formats like images (JPEG, PNG), videos (MP4), and audio (MP3).


Creating NFTs has become more accessible and user-friendly, thanks to the emergence of free online NFT makers. Whether you are an artist, creator, or collector, these platforms offer a gateway to the exciting world of NFTs. With the ability to tokenize your unique creations, showcase your talent, and potentially earn profits, unlocking your creativity has never been easier. Explore the mentioned platforms and start your NFT journey today!