Modularized housing is an opportunity to use recycling and provide sustainable housing for a low impact on the environment. Prefabs are not a popular idea in many industries but can be an essential modification to an assembly line or any business production model. Maintaining vehicles is the number one problem America is facing concerning global warming. Global warming from the entirety of our petroleum use each day causes serious changes to the environment and a warming effect across the planet. Creating vehicles that are easy to manage and repair by either the operator or the dealership is a solution to lowering the cost of using a vehicle and the ability to provide mobility when needed. 

Eye of Unity Foundation plans to use ideas like The Symmetrical Engine Block and the Wheel Block to be able to replace vehicle failures immediately and provide a repair industry for the operators of electronic vehicles. Easy removal of electronics is a complicated task but with the help of nanotechnology, A.I., and the ability to implement simple mechanical physics in a block format the construction will help support the creativity of the engineering community and automobile hobbyists well into the future of the automotive industry without combustion energy from petroleum.

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Automotive Components in Symmetrical Sections

Breaking down the vehicle into sections is not possible in today’s automotive industry. The electronics of modern-day vehicles stretch from the front to the back without needed areas for disconnection and maintenance. Engineering a mechanically advantaged frame with wheels needs to be redesigned with electronics and the impact maintaining a vehicle has on the environment. The monetary cost of mechanical advantage and electronics has been inflated by religion and superstitions around unscientific thinking. Dividing the frame and steerable wheels into different types of sections that contain their own computing and mechanics will allow for 30-second removals and installations for operators and dealerships alike.

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The Wheel Block

The axle is an essential part of a vehicle and its wheels. The wheel design for the vehicle is to combine all four of the spinning components under the car with the ability to be removed and replaced all at once in minutes without touching or altering the other components of the vehicle.

  • Wheels
  • Axles
  • Distribution
  • Driveshaft

The Symmetrical Engine Block

Removal of the engine request unnecessary geometry between the driveshaft and engine block. Cooling components and their electronics make the removal of any modern-day engine that requires the amount of horsepower it takes to ride at a steady 65mph on the highway too difficult to do. An engine design with completely smooth sides will allow for engines to be removed in a realistic time frame for those interested in doing it themselves. The number of blocks the entire vehicle is made from can be solidified into a readable document for the owner to review as the price will vary depending on customization and standards required. The easier to remove the engine, the cheaper it will be to maintain. This will help lower the cost of maintenance and the amount of time operators spend removing engines. 

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The Four Part Chassis

  • Trunk and Rear Upper Roof Block
  • Quarter Panels and Rear Door Blocks
  • Hood Windshield and Upper Roof Block
  • Front Doors and Quarter Panel Block
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Standards between Luxury and Sedan

  • Division of Blocks
  • Number of Blocks
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The Reduction Science of Symmetry and Repair

Repair work must be done on the free electron as it cannot be completely controlled or expected. This causes the distance of knowledge from completely understanding particle physics and our ability to use them in our everyday lives. Symmetry in the automotive and engine industry can reduce repair times by separating necessary blocks for immediate replacement or later repair by the operator. This is a key issue for the automotive industry in the 21st century and the future of manufacturing.  Breaking down the vehicle into sections is not possible in today’s automotive industry. 

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