| ϵ=−N(dΦBdt) ≢ L = V / ( I / t ) L = Φ / ≢ (16/105)π3r6 | A = Q/t |

The value of an infinite curve if 1 is the maximum amount of the curve because it could not in theory get any bigger. Mathematically on a graph, this would be seen as an infinite curve. This is Curve Theory. Science defines centrifugal force in an electro-magnetic universe as a curved frequency direction as it enters over the two-dimensional infinite line of numerics into the three-dimensional world of numerics into the basics of Curve Theory. As science studies radiation numerically they MUST define it in the 3-dimensional world or it will not be completely coherent without a curve. 

Curve Theory is responsible for modern-day advancements in genetics and evolution as it proves the scientific work of natural selection in Darwin’s Origin of Species. Without curve theory Psi, the equation used to travel from orbit to orbit in space, would not be a valid method of transportation for NASA. Centrifugal force would not be equal in all locations and zero point energy would only exist in specific locations and could not be emulated within all spaces on earth. This is not true as a ball spins on your finger so do black bodies exist. The First Law of Thermodynamics is a Curve Theory as matter travels to the end of its so-called life and then dissipates into space and cannot be destroyed. Energy must move from atom to atom or no will be energy is moving. Each atom from a nuclear explosion oscillates so hard that it can cause mass destruction instantaneously by moving atoms directly into each other at a specific point in space using plutonium as a cutting agent. 

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Curve Theory: The Circular Shape of Color Frequencies

The frequencies of visible color are shaped spherically in a circle. This is because the eye is unable to detect frequencies higher than 10 cycles per degree. The frequency of visible colors increases in proportion to the distance that light travels from the object emitting the light. The reason for this is that the amplitude of visible frequencies decreases as the frequency increases. This is why we can see frequencies of visible light ranging from the mid-infrared to the near-infrared, with certain regions of the electromagnetic spectrum being visible only to animals such as bats.

The reason that we can see frequencies from the infrared to the near-infrared is that the eye has a lens that is able to gather light that is not visible. The lens gathers light from the visible spectrum and converts it to a frequency that is able to be seen by the human eye. 

The reason that we cannot see colors that are higher than 10 cycles per degree is because the eye has a cutoff frequency of 10 cycles per degree. As the color frequencies increase, they must decrease in amplitude or the amplitude of the eye will not be able to properly detect them.

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The Infinite of Frequency

The infinite curve in mathematics is a graph where the X-axis measures the value of a function and the Y-axis measures the value of the first derivative of the function. A derivative is the rate of change of a function. In the graph, the Y-axis is a function of the X-axis. Due to the geodesics of centrifugal force this pattern consistently changes into a curve visually in the 3rd-dimensional observation mechanics and sciences. This is because theses frequencies are quantum in size and are responsible for making the curved materials that resolve our universe in conjunction with the First Law of Thermodynamics ONLY and not all physics and biology.

The infinite of frequencies is a term coined by mathematician Charles Chatin to describe how the number of frequencies in a wave is infinite. In other words, this means that you can create infinite numbers of tones – including different types of tones – by varying the frequencies of the waves. 

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The Curve of Life: The Curve of Existence Is The Center of Life

The curve of existence is the curve of life. Life is the series defining the frequency of the universe. This means that the math of frequencies are the expression of life. Without life, there would be no existence. All life is based on the curve of existence. 

In all life, there is a curve of existence and it is in the form of a mathematical function. This is why all of life is based on the curve of existence. Life is the function of existence.

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