The Eye of Unity Foundation has created a new NFT car, and it’s available for purchase on the OpenSea Marketplace! The Micro Ion Racer is the latest in our series of educational micro-scale race cars. We’ve put all this technology into a package that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand in a crypto game on your smartphone. It’s fast and fun to play for real gamer enthusiasts and crypto investors.

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Polygon is an open-source blockchain-based content creation platform that allows anyone to create, own, and trade their own digital assets on the blockchain. This is a unique opportunity for NFT car enthusiasts to race their cars on the recently minted by th Eye of Unity Foundation. The foundation is creating an online crypto gaming arcade platform where players can earn real Polygon (MATIC) NFT crypto tokens just by winning races and playing to get higher scores than your competition. Every point counts and the Eye of Unity will be integrating this feature into the game in the future. Micro Ion Racer is powered by OpenSea’s blockchain technology and it’s the first time that NFTs have ever been used like this in a fast-paced crypto racing game. It is a completely new way for crypto investors and gamers to race NFT cars online, completely free at the Eye of Unity play to earn NFT Crypto Arcade.

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Investment Opportunities in Crypto Racing using NFT Collections

The game is designed completely with Unity’s 2D Car Racing Kit Assets from their asset store. The Eye of Unity is a community play to earn NFT crypto arcade where players can race their NFT car on racetracks designed with Unity’s 2D Car Racing Kit Assets. The online play to earn NFT crypto arcade is powered by the OpenSea exchange and allows users to race for free, or collect parts from the upcoming Eye of Unity Micro Ion Parts NFT Token Collection from OpenSea to upgrade their car for a chance of winning tournaments that the Eye of Unity will be hosting in the future. The Eye of Unity Play To Earn NFT Arcade is one of the first decentralized Crypto Arcades in the world. The Eye of Unity Play To Earn NFT Arcade is a fun way to earn NFTs and it’s now available on!

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Using NFT Collections in Online Crypto Arcade Games on Eye of Unity

All Eye of Unity’s NFT’s on OpenSea will also be used as in-game NFT assets on the Polygon Blockchain using Metamask Wallet or the Wallet. The new 2D Car Racing Kit from Unity Technologies is an excellent tool for building your own 2D race tracks. It’s a perfect fit for the OpenSea platform, where you can create a new kind of video game experience. Imagine racing your NFT car against other crypto investors and gamers using NFT and crypto assets. Create a unique virtual reality racing experience for your crypto asset by designing racetracks in the editor. You can play with our NFT from Eye of Unity or you can purchase and own one of our high-performance Micro Ion Racecars from my OpenSea NFT Collection.  All the vehicles are ERC-721 tokens that you can send anywhere and trade forever.

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