The Eye of Unity is a new decentralized, peer-to-peer, blockchain-based virtual universe that is home to the Metaversimals Polygon NFTs. These are friendly pixelated animals that make great profile pictures and can be traded and used as currency to get access to other NFT-restricted games. The arcade is now featuring their Metaversimals Polygon minting event, where you can get your hands on these adorable creatures at their minting website 

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The Eye of Unity Online NFT Arcade is the perfect place to enjoy all the benefits of NFTs. Here, players can customize their own mobile NFT games with their favorite NFTs. Crypto investors play games with them and trade them freely for free on the Polygon Blockchain using less than 0.01 MATIC. Use NFTs in your game and collect them or trade them for access to other exclusive games by the Eye of Unity Foundation in the future. 


The Pace of NFT Gaming

NFT gaming is a very interesting, and potentially profitable, business. However, the current market is very saturated with games, and players are generally not willing to pay a high price for a game, especially when they can play free games on a variety of platforms. This means that the games have to attract a large number of players to be profitable, and this is not always easy. The NFT gaming industry may have a future, but it has not yet developed significantly. The current market is not large enough to sustain a stable game development industry, and there are not yet many games with a high enough demand to be profitable. However, it is a hot market that will grow significantly in the future, and the Eye of Unity is in the right position to take advantage of this. 

The Eye of Unity is the first decentralized NFT blockchain game arcade.

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Why the Eye of Unity Arcade is FREE

Started as a Solar Research Foundation and needs to use crypto to efficiently produce enough progress and continue at the pace that solar is needed. The Eye of Unity Foundation is seeking funds to build a Solar Farm in Somalia on the equator to add an essential need for modern-day living, electricity. With the world living under the sun we have spent time on combustion fuels. Now is the time to use unlimited organic radiation from the sun instead of heat and petroleum. While players and investors in the use NFTs in-game on their smartphones the Eye of Unity plans to offer free fast and available NFT Games to all of those supporting Solar Energy and Power. Free energy is just your imagination.

The more NFTs you own the more energy you use. Thus, if you are a crypto investor that has made a profit with your crypto investment and you would like to help the Eye of Unity create a solar farm in Somalia then you can purchase any NFTs from their OpenSea Marketplace NFT Store and store them in your iPhone, Android or desktop wallet and you will be able to play the game on your phone or on their website after logging in with your metamask. 

The Eye of Unity NFT Arcade will remain free for gamers and those interested in using Nanocrystalline Solar Power to increase the potential of creating 10x more power from nano-sized energy mechanics.

The Eye of Unity is the only decentralized NFT blockchain game arcade that offers completely free NFT games for anyone that supports solar energy and power and would like to buy an NFT. 

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3D NFTs In 2D Games

It is possible to put 3D NFTs as players in a 2D environment using NFT Textures called from the Eye of Unity NFT Collections on the OpenSea Marketplace. The games are included in the OpenSea Collection link. Please show your support for building a new economy in Africa from the sun.

The Eye of Unity has the resources to build a solar farm in Somalia and needs your support for more solar energy.

Eye Of Unity Play To Earn NFT Games

Play Trade and Sell at the Eye of Unity NFT Arcade for FREE GLOBAL ELECTRICITY