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Space Invaders NFT Game SOL Collection Launches 20,000 Collectibles on Filecoin and IPFS Today, the Space Invaders NFT Game SOL Collection launches an innovative collection of 20,000 digital collectibles built on Filecoin and IPFS. The long-standing classic arcade game was chosen as the inspiration behind this project because of its beloved character design and unique nostalgic charm. The game has been designed to provide a way for gaming enthusiasts to keep the game forever through the use of SOL NFTs.

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Make Gaming History: Collect Your Space Invaders SOL NFTs and Join the Intergalactic Movement! 4

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Built on both Filecoin and IPFS, this new concept utilizes blockchain technology to create a completely new way of playing and interacting with classic space invaders games in an online space. Through this initiative, gamers around the world can purchase these collectible items reliably and securely with no fear of fraud or loss. To ensure that everyone has access to this project, users have the ability to purchase these NFTs from their favorite social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Discord for just under one dollar each. Upon purchase, you will be gifted a rare alien creature with varying colors, sizes, and shapes based on the classic arcade game aliens.

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In addition to purchasing these collectible items within the app itself, gamers are also able to trade them in real-time on various markets such as Zora, UniswapV2, OpenSea, and Nifty Gateway. This means gamers are able to gain some extra tokens while they actively participate in this global gaming community all while having fun! At Space Invaders, we believe that everyone should have access to digital collectibles regardless of their experience level or income status – something we plan to continue developing further through our platform upgrades and features over time. For more information about Space Invaders NFT Game SOL Collection please visit our website for continuous updates about what we’re working on next!

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Make Gaming History: Collect Your Space Invaders SOL NFTs and Join the Intergalactic Movement! 5