Mad Animals V2 NFT Collection is a new NFT crypto game collection released by the Eye of Unity featuring mad animals to be used in future crypto game development. The Mad Animals are unique, compelling, and addictive. This is one of the first crypto game collections with a real-world use case and be used in multiple future crypto games like Angry Birds. 

Eye of Unity is excited to announce the launch of these new NFTs because they will be used to develop future blockchain games and applications. There are 50 animals in total with each animal representing a different game or utility token symbol. The tokens will be used for various purposes, including game assets, collectibles, tradable items, and more. The first project to utilize the Mad Animals will be an Angry Birds Remake to Beta Test the availability of the NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain. 

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Can I Make My Own Crypto Game For Free?

Yes, you can! A crypto game is  just a type of blockchain game that uses cryptocurrency (in this case, the Polygon network) to facilitate the gameplay. The objective of a crypto game is to build an infrastructure on the blockchain network that allows the player to use a virtual currency (such as NFTs) to mint resources and create items. Smart contracts allow for a Pay-to-Earn gameplay stay instead of the older Pay-To-Play version. Once these items are created, they can be traded in and sold to other players. This is a great way for new entrepreneurs to build a product and test market it without having to pay for advertising, marketing, or development.

What is Play To Earn?

The Play-to-earn Smart Contract on a Web3 Crypto game with Moralis will be able to work as a game with the following functions:

• You will be able to play the game and earn tokens.

• The tokens you earn will be transferred to your Metamask wallet.

• You can use the MATIC tokens you have earned to purchase better characters, equipment, and loot and then play with them as many times as you want.

• You will be able to earn more tokens by completing minting missions and earning NFTs as rewards.

• You will be able to use your MATIC tokens to purchase real-world items using the App Visa Card.

What is Pay To Play?

Moralis is a platform that allows for creation of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Network. Smart Contracts are a piece of code that can be activated on a network, and can do things like automatically execute a transaction or exchange assets, once certain conditions are met. Moralis is the first platform that allows anyone to create a Pay-to-Play crypto game on the Ethereum Network. This means that anyone can create a game and charge users in the game a fee to play the game. Pay-to-play games allow players to play for free, and the game creator can be paid for completing in-game challenges.

Why should the App Visa Card by important for Gamers?

The App has the most secure and reliable user interface that allows quick transfer of MATIC funds directly onto your VISA Card. This is a quick way to use real money to upgrade and play through your crypto games and then cash out within minutes. 

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Moralis And Polygon

The Polygon Blockchain is a network of blockchain based tools and applications built on Ethereum. Moralis is one of the many applications built on the Polygon Network of blockchain applications.

Some examples of how Moralis uses the Polygon Blockchain include:

• Contract deployment: Moralis automatically deploys contracts to the Polygon Blockchain and Ethereum Mainnet.

• Smart contract code review: Moralis has a public code review for Polygon Smart Contracts, and the code review is a part of the Polygon Blockchain validation process.

• Speed: Moralis is one of the few development teams on Ethereum that has a ‘dev only’ network optimized to work with Polygon Blockchain.

• Easy access to the Polygon Blockchain: Moralis has a public API to access the Polygon Blockchain, and this API is a part of the Polygon Blockchain validation process.

Moralis is proud to support Polygon, one of the most innovative blockchain communities on the web.

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Moralis is a platform for smart contract based games where players are rewarded for playing by earning cryptocurrency. It is similar to video games in that the players can make choices and gain rewards for the choices made. The difference is that the rewards are made by smart contracts that run on the blockchain. The contracts are coded by the smart contracts developers and can be programmed to generate different types of rewards. The Moralis platform, like many other well known web3 protocols, currently runs on the Ethereum network.

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Check Out Our Future Games On OpenSea here