The Eye of Unity allows players, crypto investors, and online gamers to play games for the chance to win prizes. Instead of playing for cash, crypto arcades use play to earn tokens (NFTs) which can be exchanged for real-world prizes. These tokens can then be traded on secondary markets or used to purchase other games on the site. The Eye of Unity Crypto Arcade is a fun and exciting place to play free games, win NFT tokens, and meet other members of the crypto community. With more games delivered weekly ranging from classics like Pacman and Tetris to the latest in blockchain technology like Crypto Zombies and Ion Crypto Racing, Eye Of Unity offers something for everyone. Soon there will be tournaments and eventually console gaming. This is an excellent way to try out new games and see how they work with your favorite casual game preferences.

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What Are Crypto Arcades?

Crypto arcades are digital gaming platforms that allow you to play online games and win NFT tokens. The games are hosted on the Polygon Mainnet, and they are fully decentralized – meaning that there is room for game designers to learn and grow and no central authority to trust. You can be sure that all the games are entirely free and adware has been fully removed and will be replace with a generic Metamask Login or App Login. The website is powered by blockchain technology and it makes use of NFT tokens as wagering chips, player characters, profile pictures, and metaverse wall art.

The Eye of Unity Crypto Arcade is a new blockchain-based arcade that allows users to play games and claim NFTs as a reward. These NFTs can be traded on the OpenSea marketplace, used in the games, or donated to nanocrystalline solar technology in East Africa along the equator. MATIC NFTs are the native currency of the crypto arcade and can be used to purchase other items in the arcade, donated to organizations, or sold on secondary markets. The Eye of Unity Crypto Arcade is the world’s first blockchain-based arcade, where the goal is to play free games, win NFT tokens, and meet other members of the crypto community.

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What can you do with Play To Earn NFT Tokens

These crypto play to earn nft games can be played on any operating system, and there is no need to download any software. The only thing that is required is a browser and an internet connection. Players are able to earn NFT Tokens for playing a wide range of games through volunteering to test them from our Discord and Reddit groups. Once players have earned enough NFT Tokens, they can then exchange them for real money through OpenSea.

All games will allow players to earn NFT Tokens from playing games on a global scale. In order to use NFT Tokens in the game, players must purchase an NFT Character from the Eye of Unity’s OpenSea Marketplace NFT collections for the privilege of playing. Right now the tokens are being given out to interested gamers and game testers and will eventually be tradeable with MATIC on the Polygon Blockchain.

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Why Do We Remove Adware

Adware is removed for better compilation integrity as those mechanics are not needed for the game to perform well. This provides better loading times and a smoother gaming experience. Google play services and the IOS store components and scripts have also been discarded as the OpenSea Marketplace will be the only connection needed for player to win and use their NFTs in their favorite casual games from gamer’s desktops or their smartphones. The smaller file size allows for faster building times when updating and making changes without having to deal with any extra script from ad software, the Google Play Store, and The IOS Store.

We are currently beta testing this cloud-based gaming solution that will allow players to play free games on any device and without ever needing to download or update the games on their devices. This will ensure that players can play at any time and anywhere and will also help to ensure that all the games and updates are up to date for better performance and better gaming experience. We hope that this will be a future option for players to play in the arcade.

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Why Downloadable Play To Earn NFT Mobile Apps Are by Request Only

Installing mobile apps to your smartphone without the help of Google or IOS features is different. Only developers and experienced gamers are expected to request personal offline APKs and IOS games. These will be sent directly to any user that has purchased an NFT and the Eye of Unity is expected to add more features from here. 

What is opensea?

OpenSea is a platform for anonymous trading of NFTs. It is also a decentralized and anonymous marketplace where players are able to buy and sell NFTs. The platform is powered by blockchain technology and users can trade NFTs with one another, or use them to play games in Eye of Unity’s crypto arcade. OpenSea is the first decentralized platform for NFTs, and there are many new features planned.

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