This policy is based on the idea that existence for an individual must not be altered. This is due to the fact that existence is caused by the curved perpendicularity of forces. Furthermore, existence is limited to the first law of thermodynamics. This law states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can only be changed from one form to another. Additionally, existence begins in the emergent properties of neural networks and nerve endings in zero point quantum biology. Evolution takes place through curve theory and capable DNA through the single cell. Maturity to logic and arithmetics takes evolution of zero point quantum biology.

Eye of Unity Existence Policy

  • Existence for an individual must not be altered
  • Existence is caused by the Curved Perpendicularity of Forces
  • Existence is limited to The First Law of Thermodynamics
  • Existence Begins in the Emergent Properties of Neural Networks and Nerve Endings in Zero Point Quantum Biology

Eye of Unity Philosophy

  • Geometry and Symmetry
  • Egyptian Chronology and Astronomy
  • Evolution Through Curve Theory and Capable DNA Through The Single Cell
  • Maturity to logic and arithmetics takes Evolution of Zero Point Quantum Biology

Preventing Human Extinction With AI Geodesy

AI can play a major role in preventing the extinction of the Universe. It’s possible to use geodesics to prevent the extinction of the Universe by constructing a holographic universe that can sustain an infinite number of universes. This is possible because geodesic equations can be used to model the expansion of the Universe, and also map the evolution of a single universe.

Artificial Intelligence is a fundamental part of supercomputing. Using AI, we will be able to create models that will help us to predict whether or not a given star will explode anytime soon, and will also be able to predict the life expectancy of every star in the Universe. This will then allow us to determine the best time to start the destruction of the Universe, thus preventing the eventual extinction of our Universe.

American Policies On The Laws Of Existence

• Keep your promises – the majority of people in the political system are just regular people like you and me, so they are generally trustworthy and have a genuine desire to do the right thing.

• Avoid corruption – if you’re looking to keep the government honest, avoid taking bribes or doing favors for powerful people.

• Pick your battles – don’t waste time and resources fighting imaginary battles with nobody. Focus on the really important issues and focus on the most vulnerable people.

• Be fair – the government is a collection of people, and everyone will make mistakes. If you want to be taken seriously by your constituents, don’t punish people for minor mistakes, and don’t let your emotions get to you when others are letting their emotions get to them.

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