The Eye of Unity Foundation is a charitable organization that is devoted to the pursuit of happiness and property. Our mission statement and values are based on these two concepts, which we believe are important for the overall well-being of the population of the earth. We believe that it is our responsibility to populate the earth evenly and sustainably in order to prevent human extinction before the Earth becomes uninhabitable. This is only possible through the acceptance of freedom and control of Earth’s quality of life by the theory of Evolution and the current population.

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Post-Earth Materials

  • Meteorites
  • Crystals
  • Magma
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Resin Composites

This is a technique that uses a two-part system to create a solid material from two separate liquid-like molecular bonds. The base of the mixture is called the resin and the hardening chemical is called the hardener. Artificial bonds using heat, pulverization and thermochemical knowledge of chemical compositions can create powerful medicines as well as concretes. 

Science has created concretes that are able to withstand temperatures of thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. It can be made to withstand these extreme temperatures and resist extreme pressures as well. 

Ionized metals, which are charged like a magnet, are created by breaking apart the bonds of two chemical compounds. The process of breaking apart chemical bonds is called ionization. When ionization occurs, the metal becomes charged and is attracted to the negative pole of the magnet. The metal is then pulled from the positive pole of the magnet back to the negative pole.

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Creating Indestructible Prefabs: Symmetrical Cones

The prefabs made by Eye of Unity Foundation are not intended to be a recyclable material and will prevent their removal in the future. This process replaces plastic and electronic waste with an unrecyclable prefab meant to provide housing for those that are homeless or in economically challenged countries. The prefabs will not be intended to ever need replacement as structures like the pyramids made from stone have survived without industrial machinery. The cone-shaped prefabs are designed to be symmetrical to the quantum properties of the universe and not just the physics of our planet alone to last the lifetime of the earth and provide housing in third-world countries forever.

The Eye of Unity Foundation has used the science of symmetrical geometry in the design of the cone-shaped prefab. Symmetrical geometry is a geometry that does not have any rotational symmetry. Rotational symmetry is when two mirror images of a geometric shape are identical. Symmetrical geometry is when two mirror images of a geometric shape are not identical.

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