Synapses are the physical connection between neurons. They are where the electrical signal is transmitted from one neuron to another. The brain contains 100 billion neurons, and each neuron may have up to 10,000 synapses. Synapses are tiny (1 micrometer long), but they are significant when it comes to brain function, consciousness, and thinking.

The study biology of synapsis and how it affects human behavior with a specific focus on electro and thermo-chemical biology is an American scarcity. The world’s general population does not accept the scientific work and concepts of thousands of scientists if it does not meet their agenda demands. This leaves the study of mind control by the public at the mercy of out of context science and left to the context of their environment. The abuse and misuse of science concepts by Einstein and Boltzman are growing every second through religions, superstitions, the arrogant, and the uneducated. 

Theories like Curve Theory and Zero Point Energy are left out by mathematicians and educational systems preventing the full acceptance of other theories like the principles of Geodesics.

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The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization in perspective

Neurology Synapsis


Synapsis is the act of combining multiple nerve impulses into one nerve impulse. This is how neurons connect and communicate with each other. This process is critical in the brain and nervous system, including the brain stem, spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system. There are many different brain functions, and each of them is dependent on the communication between neurons, which is electrically mediated. For example, the neurons in the visual cortex are connected to each other via their dendrites, which allow them to send directional information to each other. By contrast, the neurons in the motor cortex are connected to each other with their axons, which allows them to send signals to their target muscles. This is how electron wavelengths and carrier units function and transfer within the brain.

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Electron Wavelengths

Electrons have two distinct energies.

• Low energy electrons have a wavelength of about 0.01 nanometers.

• High energy electrons have a wavelength of about 0.1 nanometers.

When electrons with high energy are absorbed by matter, they can cause damage to the DNA of living cells.

The dangerous electron wavelength is the distance between the proton and electron in the nucleus of an atom. This distance is controlled by the radius of the atom. When the atom is very small (the size of an electron), the dangerous electron wavelength is very short. When the atom is very large (the size of a nucleus), the dangerous electron wavelength is very long.

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Global Electronic Wavelength Saturation Awareness

Today, we are living in a world where the electron wavelengths are more than saturating, reaching as high as about seven nanometers. Electron wavelengths are the wavelengths associated with the electron, which are in the 0.01-0.1 nanometer region of the electromagnetic spectrum. All humans have their own unique set of wavelengths from which they are protected. The dangerous electron wavelengths we are talking about are the ones emitted from electronic devices, which are much larger than our personal wavelength protection. In fact, over 2 billion people in the world are exposed to these dangerous wavelengths, and they can cause a variety of health problems from headaches to DNA damage. In the atmosphere, the most dangerous electron wavelength is around 179.9 nm. This is more than 1000x the wavelength of visible light which is around 450nm. This means that if you were to stand in the rains of the most extreme rainstorm in the world (in Maui, Hawaii) and look directly at it, you would see a bright white light. This is because the electrons are moving so fast (179.9 nm) that they are just skipping off the water molecules in the air.

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Quantum Awareness and Principles of Schrodingers Cat

The values of quantum mechanics are becoming critical as science and technology continues to progress without interference from religion. The full acceptence of a global awareness seems impossible as humans, but in the future it will be the core function required in the prevention of human extinction. It is easy to understand the concept of one object but this must also be coherent with all sciences, religions, and superstitions. For the world to understand one object as real it requires math and the function of equality and accuracy. Quantum and the basics of Schrodinger’s Cat allows us to determine that 1 = 1 as an equation instead of a numeral or numeric figure. These concepts are quickly pushed aside from larger theories proceeding from above the equation 1 = 1 and numeric values identified with theory and personal logic. The system concept will always outweigh the Matrix Theory as the Matrix Theory approaches the concept externally instead of internally within our realized system with a new realized system that does not contain the number 0. 

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