Researchers have used AI computer modeling to simulate the evolution of advanced civilizations and found that they would produce large amounts of waste products, including infrared radiation and metallic particles. This waste product would be detectable by our telescopes and could be used to identify alien civilizations.

The researchers found that advanced civilizations would generate waste products at a rate of up to a trillion times that of Earth. Currently no signs of alien waste in our universe. The best way to detect such waste would be to look for the presence of metallic debris or silicon debris. The presence of radioactive waste would be detectable and therefore it could be concluded that there is about a 1 in 100,000 chance of detecting an alien civilization. If alien civilizations do exist they are unlikely to be as advanced as we are.

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No Foreign or Alien Synthetic Material in Asteroids

Nowhere in the Universe has NASA encountered any forms of synthetic material made for any reason other than cause and effect. From a human perspective, the mind possesses an astronomical amount of coherency to Electro-Magnetism, Phi, Pi, and the Golden Ratio. These emergent properties from Quantum Biology are quickly advancing past most known primitive Physics principles. With these physics in mind what else could exist within a curved space as well as a human? Alien material must follow the principles of thermodynamics and the geometry of platonic solids. This limits the amount of science fiction that is actually plausible. Without ANY other synthetic materials in the observable universe, there is another home for the biology of the single cell to grow. 

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Scientific validation and equilibrium of Torque, Charlie Charlie, Light As A Feather, Zero Point Energy and Curve Theory.

Magical games like Charlie Charlie and Light As A Feather were most likely used in the Ancient Egyptian days as truth to their long history of records and knowledge. With writing, Egyptians were able to master the art of map making and navigation through the development of consistent geometric patterns in Astronomy and Masonry. Torque must be a critical component of raising such large objects high above the ground defying the physics of observable gravity. This apex is the science of the quantum properties of photon energy in the quantum vacuum state in a single cell of the universe.

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How To Play:

  • Charlie Charlie Pencil Game
  • Light As A Feather Lifting Game

 An Unknown Apex Curvature Science

The most important part of a Quiga Board study to any Atheist or scientist would be the shape of the universe in relationship to the quantum properties of apexes in curved reflective surfaces. To a younger mind, these concepts could look magical, but in all reality, they are very consistent with the scientific discovery of the ever-growing number of subatomic theories validating our experiences in life. 

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