Brave Browser has revolutionized the way we browse the internet with its focus on privacy and security. But did you know that Brave also offers a way for users to earn cryptocurrency while playing games? Dedalium, a gaming platform integrated into Brave Browser, allows users to play games and collect free Basic Attention Token (BAT) crypto as they enjoy themselves. In this article, we will explore how Dedalium works and how you can start earning BAT while gaming.

How Dedalium Works

Dedalium is a gaming platform that is seamlessly integrated into Brave Browser, allowing users to access a variety of games without the need to download any additional software. The platform offers a range of games from puzzle games to action-packed adventures, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Users can start playing games on Dedalium by simply clicking on the gaming tab in Brave Browser. From there, they can choose from a selection of games and start playing instantly. As users play games on Dedalium, they have the opportunity to earn BAT crypto, which can be collected and used for various purposes.

Collecting Free BAT crypto

As users play games on Dedalium, they accumulate BAT crypto based on their gaming performance. The more games they play and the better they perform, the more BAT they can earn. This provides users with a fun and engaging way to earn cryptocurrency while enjoying themselves.

Once users have collected a certain amount of BAT, they can withdraw it to their Brave Rewards wallet, where they can then use it to tip content creators, support their favorite websites, or even exchange it for other cryptocurrencies. This gives users the opportunity to earn crypto in a new and exciting way, all while playing games.

Getting Started with Dedalium

If you are interested in earning BAT crypto while playing games on Dedalium, getting started is easy. Simply download Brave Browser and create an account. Once you have set up your account, navigate to the gaming tab and start exploring the games available on Dedalium.

Choose a game that interests you and start playing. As you play, keep an Eye on your BAT balance to see how much you have earned. The more you play and the better you perform, the more BAT you can collect. Once you have accumulated enough BAT, you can withdraw it to your Brave Rewards wallet and start using it however you like.


What is BAT crypto?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be used within the Brave Browser ecosystem. It can be earned by users for viewing ads, tipping content creators, and now, playing games on Dedalium.

Is it safe to play games on Dedalium?

Yes, it is safe to play games on Dedalium. The platform is integrated into Brave Browser, which is known for its focus on privacy and security. Users can enjoy playing games on Dedalium without worrying about their personal information being compromised.

Can I earn a significant amount of BAT by playing games on Dedalium?

The amount of BAT you can earn by playing games on Dedalium will depend on how much you play and how well you perform. While you may not earn a significant amount of BAT right away, the more you play, the more you can accumulate over time.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawing BAT from Dedalium?

There may be certain restrictions on withdrawing BAT from Dedalium, such as minimum withdrawal amounts or withdrawal fees. It is important to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the platform before withdrawing any BAT.

Can I use the BAT I earn on Dedalium for other purposes?

Yes, once you have withdrawn BAT from Dedalium to your Brave Rewards wallet, you can use it for various purposes, such as tipping content creators, supporting websites, or exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies.


Dedalium in Brave Browser offers users a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while playing games. With a variety of games to choose from and the ability to collect free BAT crypto, users can enjoy themselves while also benefiting financially. If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to earn cryptocurrency, consider giving Dedalium a try.