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this week’s video is a lil different as rach shares our Games night group’s top 5 favourite and most played virtual Games! free online Games has become huge lately and we consolidated all our knowledge and experience to give you this video!

broken picture phone:
00:54 | intro + instructions
02:11 | watch us play

draw battle:
04:12 | intro + instructions
05:14 | watch us play

07:39 | intro + instructions
09:06 | watch us play

10:02 | intro + instructions
10:56 | watch us play

among us: download on your mobile app Store or on desktop here:” target=”_blank”>
11:45 | intro + instructions
12:39 | watch us play

Hide and Seek Version Settings: no discussion time, 0.25 vision imposter, 0.5 vision crewmate, short kill distance, 2 short tasks and 1 long depending on # of players

Chinsaku – Reflections |
Chinsaku – Illuminate |
frumhere, kevatta – warm feeling |
frumhere – so, tell me about yourself. |
frumhere, kevatta – summer nights |

➳ why marchmoments: march is our ship name! (MAR)ia + Ra(CH)el
➳ what is your channel about: we’re going to try to do weekly diary vlogs to each other & integrate it with how-tos & just other fun creative projects we’ve wanted to do for a while now
➳ when do you post: thursdays!
➳ what do you use to edit your videos: adobe premiere

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