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Product Description

Thoom drawing on Thumby by,0,900,900_PT0_SX220_V1___.png”>Thoom drawing on Thumby by,0,900,900_PT0_SX220_V1___.png”>

FPS <a href=Game by 3DSage” src=”” class=”a-lazy-loaded” data-src=”,0,1078,1078_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>FPS <a href=Game by 3DSage” src=”,0,1078,1078_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Sci-fi <a href=Game mock up by castpixel” src=”” class=”a-lazy-loaded” data-src=”,0,510,510_PT0_SX220_V1___.png”>Sci-fi <a href=Game mock up by castpixel” src=”,0,510,510_PT0_SX220_V1___.png”>

Custom logo for Thumby by,0,1080,1080_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Custom logo for Thumby by,0,1080,1080_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Thoom Mockup Game by ayreguitar

FPS Game by 3DSage

Sci-fi Mockup Game by castpixel

Custom Logo for Thumby by MicroD

Gray Thumby on keyring hanging outside jeans,0,1080,1080_PT0_SX300_V1___.png”>Gray Thumby on keyring hanging outside jeans,0,1080,1080_PT0_SX300_V1___.png”>

Play it. Wear it. Code it.

Clip it on, play Games, then create your own drawings, animations, & Games! Thumby is a powerful tiny Game console that is a showstopper anywhere it goes. TinyCircuits’ free open-source code editor makes it easy to start coding fun projects.

Each Thumby comes preloaded with 5 retro Games. Play by yourself or with friends using our multiplayer Thumby Link cable (sold separately). Add more Games from our library for endless fun.

Thumby launched in October 2021 on Kickstarter. Thanks to the 6,000+ supporters who bought Thumby, TinyCircuits fulfilled 10,000+ orders. Since then, the TinyCircuits community has created many more Thumby projects. Learn to code with our MicroPython API and code examples.

Tech Specs Processor: Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 Micro USB Port: for charging, programming, & multiplayer ~2 Hrs Gameplay: via 40mAh rechargeable LiPo battery. Turn on with power switch. OLED Display: 72 x 40px monochrome 6 Tactile Buttons: 4-way D-pad, 2 action buttons Audio: via piezo speaker Storage: 2MB

2 Hands on White Table Playing Teal,882,2268,2268_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>2 Hands on White Table Playing Teal,882,2268,2268_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Blue thumby (no longer sold) between 2 fingers resting on,256,1536,1536_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Blue thumby (no longer sold) between 2 fingers resting on,256,1536,1536_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Pink Thumby with miniature collection of jeep, figure, and,0,3024,3024_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Pink Thumby with miniature collection of jeep, figure, and,0,3024,3024_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Greyscale drawing of girl with hat turned towards camera on grey,0,1734,1734_PT0_SX220_V1___.png”>Greyscale drawing of girl with hat turned towards camera on grey,0,1734,1734_PT0_SX220_V1___.png”>

Play Games

Photo: DLX Design Lab, Dominika

Turn on the device and press the down button to browse available Games on your Thumby device. Use the Thumby Link cable (sold separately) to play multiplayer Games like Tennis. Download more Games from our open-source library.

Clip Onto Your Belongings

Photo: s1cada

Take Thumby with you anywhere as a statement piece and conversation starter. Personalize your bags with the tiny Game console.

Add to Your Collection

Get a working electronic miniature for your miniature models or keep Thumby with your other retro Game consoles.

Make Your Own Drawings, Animations, and Games

Photo: timendus

Start by uploading your own drawing onto Thumby or write a special birthday message. More experienced coders can submit their MicroPython Games to our library.

SUPPORTERS – Over 6,000 Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers supported/bought Thumby to make it a reality
Games – Preloaded with 5 retro Games
FUNCTIONING BUTTONS – 6 working buttons to fidget with
SOLO/MULTIPLAYER – Play by yourself or against friends with the Thumby Link cable (purchased separately)
UPLOAD DRAWINGS, ANIMATIONS – Upload your own drawings and videos to Thumby
UNLIMITED Games – Add more Games from our library
CODE – Program your own MicroPython Games using our free online code editor
SUITABLE FOR – kids and adults, electronic miniature, gift basket goodie, family gift, holiday gift, friendship gift, dad gift, sister gift, autism sensory charm, adhd fidget accessory, classroom prizes, STEM learning, bracelet keychain