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Create Invaluable Memories with Zolizard Games

Treasure time with your children and make meaningful memories when you challenge them to a Game of Multi Clash! Your educational Game not only fosters fun but sharpens addition and multiplication skills, making this Game truly unforgettable.

A Blast From Beginning to End

Our multiplication Game is easy to follow, yet keeps you on the edge of your seat!

  • Roll both red dice and find their sum at the top of the board.
  • Roll both black dice and find their sum on the side of the board.
  • Place your coin on the box where your sums’ column and row meet. (Psst! Your coin is now on top of the product of your 2 sums!)
  • If a player rolls the exact same number as you, he/she must multiply the sums correctly to steal your spot!
  • Once you get 4 coins in a row, you have an unmovable sequence.
  • The player that achieves 4 sequences first wins!

    Colorful Pieces that Fit the Equation

    Find everything you need for the most amazing Game night! Your Game includes:

  • 1 Game board that looks like a multiplication chart (1 to 10)
  • 25 red plastic coins
  • 25 blue plastic coins
  • 25 green plastic coins
  • 25 pink plastic coins
  • 2 red dice numbered 0-5
  • 2 blue dice numbered 0-5
  • 1 instructions booklet

    Go Figure, This Game’s Portable

    Carry the fun wherever you go! Sporting a sturdy 9.4 x 9.4 x 1.4. in. box, your multiplication bingo is packed and ready for a long car ride or a trip to a friend’s house!

    When You Have a Fraction of Players

    Invite friends over for some fierce competition, or settle into a low-key 1-on-1 challenge! For a 2-player Game or for very young children, fold the board in fourths so only numbers 1-5 are visible. Use 2 dice (1 red, 1 black), and proclaim the winner after 2 sequences.

    Impact your child’s math skills 1 Game at a time when you add Multi Clash to your cart TODAY!

Make Math a Blast – Rethink boring flash cards and spark your child’s love of numbers with Multi Clash by Zolizard Games! Bursting with colorful pieces, our addition and multiplication Game is a rollercoaster of fun twists AND a valuable educational tool!
Count On Hours Of Fun – Bypass confusion and ignite competitiveness with this easy-to-follow multiplication board Game! Roll 2 sets of dice, add each set together, and multiply the sums to find the product. Mark your spot on the product with a coin, and try to get four in a row! But look out—other players might steal your spot!
Awesome on all levels – Whether your kid’s a multiplication wiz or is just learning 2 x 2, our math manipulatives this math Game adjust to create the perfect challenge. Well-practiced mathletes and little learners all enjoy hours of fun with Multi Clash!
Family Fun or 1-ON-1 – Multiplication tabletop Games make for fantastic family Game nights, but you can also have tons of fun as a twosome! Sit with your child 1-on-1, building valuable memories as you build up their math skills. They can even practice on their own, developing independence as they play!
A Gift That Multiplies – Excite a family, child, or math teacher in your life with a Game that’s fantastically fun and educational! With 100 coins, 4 dice, and detailed instructions, they will have all they need to play and learn at home, on play dates, or in the classroom! – juegos de mesa de multiplicación – matemáticos