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Would you like to get rich with trading?

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If this is what you’ve been wondering, well, get in line! Sure, you are original, determined, and highly skilled in your field, trying daily to win the market, but, somehow, you keep losing, while that pimply teenager with some unknown strategies gets rich. What’s missing from your trading career? A strategy! And lucky you, we’ve got what’s right for you.

This book includes seven manuscripts:

Stock Market Investing: The stock market is neither a mythical place beyond human understanding nor a place reserved for people with special genetics. The investors who have made a fortune out of the stock market are average people like everyone else, except they took their time to understand everything before trying to get in the game.Forex Trading: The book’s table of contents is designed to be as short and concise as possible, to make it easier for the listener to navigate through it.Options Trading: For starters, you will develop self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-confidence, among other traits. The skills you will develop through options trading can also be applied in other areas such as entrepreneurship.Swing Trading: How successful you are at swing trading does not depend on the number of hours you put into it, but rather your overall skills and discipline as a trader. This book shall help you get started on the right track and then progress into the more advanced level later on.Day Trading: Offers everything you need to know about day trading, from setting up your devices, choosing the right brokerage platform, to reading MACD indicators for technical analysis. This book also features several sections dedicated for the best tradable assets for scalpers, speculators, and day traders.Cryptocurrency (two manuscripts): It is straightforward and easy to comprehend. It also contains examples that can help you understand concepts better.

Well, these are the only tools you’ll need. The only step missing is your action!

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