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Product Description

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A little Guy Who Bring Happy

What the child needs most is companionship. It can be as a small friend to accompany the child to grow up.When you have time, you can play with children.If you can play better than them, they will give you a adoring expression. Close the distance between you and your child.Sometimes you will be amazed that your children actually have different talents.This small device can bring different joy to your family!

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Larger and Clearer Screen

A Larger screen allows you and your children to enjoy playing Games more.

The small screen is hard to see,It’s a bad experience.

Looking at the small screen for a long time will cause eye fatigue.

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Preloaded with 3000+ Classic Games

Built in 3000+different types of Games, so that your little sweetheart has enough choices and will not lose interest soon.No need to connect to the Internet, you can prevent your child from touching some information that is not conducive to growth.Preloaded a large variety of puzzles, sports and other Games, While entertainment children’s Eye-hand coordination and solve problems ability will also be exercised.,0,1000,1000_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>,0,1000,1000_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>


Built-in rechargeable lithium battery,eliminates the hassle of buying and replacing batteries frequently,entertainment kids convenient parents.

­čÄ«3000 Games´╝Ü Built-in 3000 new exciting educational puzzle casual Games. And while kids having fun, they’re exercising important developing skills too, like hand-eye coordination, and thinking and problem solving skills.
­čÄ«Larger and Clearer Screen: 5.1-inch high-definition display, The Larger screen allows you to enjoy playing Games more, Of course, as an adult gamers also can find pleasure in it.
­čÄ«Portable: The handheld Game console with compact size, easy to carry wherever you go on a business trip, traveling, camping
­čÄ«Rechargeable: Built-in a rechargeable lithium battery, providing a steady stream of energy for your child’s happiness. It also eliminates the parents from buying and replacing batteries frequently.
­čÄ«Absolute Surprise: This Game console can definitely surprise you and your child. As a birthday, Christmas, party gifts are very sincere