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Get the amazing benefits of cryptocurrency.

This crash course includes information on:

CryptocurrencyExpert Secrets Ethereum and Litecoin How Blockchain-Powered Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins) work    

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency has become a buzzword not only among technical geeks but also among investors as more and more people are finding it lucrative to put their hard-earned money into this highly volatile, yet potentially high-return form of investment tool. 

As a beginner, I am sure that you are fairly flummoxed by the various terms and phrases that are being used with respect to cryptocurrencies. This book was written with the express purpose of helping beginners understand this rather technical-laden concept, so that you have sufficient knowledge which you can use to bolster your investing acumen to participate and take advantage of this exponentially growing niche. You will need to start understanding about cryptocurrencies by understanding how the present-day banking system works.