Phase 1: Mint Events Are Hosted for Eyeverse Avatars

Phase 2: (EYES) Arcade Wallet and Game Release for Eye of Unity Arcade

Phase 3: High Score Tournaments begin monthly for NFT Games

Phase 4: (EYES) Micro Job App Release providing (EYES) liquidity

Phase 5: Introduce (EYES) Coin to major exchanges

Phase 6: 1% donation and utility funding implemented for nonprofit solar

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Airdrop Events

May 01 – Aug 01 @ 12AM PST

Ion Racer NFT Minting

Each NFT will be available to race in future races. Attend Event

May 01 – Aug 01 @ 12AM PST

A.I. Art Collection

NFT art collection using 1000s of AI-generated images at once. Attend Event

May 01 – Aug 01 @ 12AM PST

Champion NFT Collection

Champion NFT Collection for Mobile NFT Games Attend Event

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NFT Collections on OpenSea

View our NFT collections for our Play-To-Earn NFT Games on OpenSea

NFT Marketplace

Characters, equipment, and loot for crypto gamers