Price: $24.99
(as of Dec 17,2022 23:55:05 UTC – Details)

The crazy-fun, fast-paced card came that will have you frantically trading with your favorite cryptocurrencies
CRAZY FUN – Swap your cards quickly to collect all 9 of a specific cryptocurrency. Seek out certain cards during trades while strategically giving away others to cause opponents to lose points..
EASY TO LEARN – Learn to play in less than 3 minutes and all ages will enjoy the game immediately, even if you don’t understand cryptocurrencies
FAST PACED – Everyone trades their cards in real-time to create a super-fun environment that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.
CRYPTO GONE WILD – Your favorite cryptocurrencies come to life with character art work that will spark conversation around the topic of Cryptocurrencies
PUMP AND DUMP – Just like the real market things can get volatile, seek out the PUMP card for a boost in points and get rid of the DUMP card to avoid a loss