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Love crypto? Hate crypto? Know nothing about crypto at all? Anyone can ante up and try their luck at Crypto Cash, the wild betting and trading game of cryptocurrencies. Buy, sell or hold to make your Bitcoin fortune! There are four volatile altcoins to bet on in the game: Ledginvest, Dodg-E-Coin, CryoCoin and Block Burster. Each altcoin has a corresponding stack of Market Cards that predict gains or losses. You need four players to be Investors to start the action. Each Investor gets two wallets and 10 physical Bitcoins. One Investor is also the Exchange Manager for the round. The Exchange Manager passes out one Insider Trading Card to each Investor and spins to see which altcoins will be open for trading that round. The Exchange Manager also secretly sets a timer for any time between 3 and 15 seconds so that only he or she knows how much time is on the clock for placing bets. Each Investor reveals their Insider Trading Card to the group to see what action they can take before the Market opens. You might even get an insider tip that gives you a competitive advantage in placing your bets. The Market is open! Investors simultaneously bet their Bitcoins on the altcoins by placing their wallets on the board. Trading immediately stops when the timer rings. The Exchange Manager then flips over the Market Card for each altcoin to reveal a gain or loss for each Investor. It’s Bitcoin boom or bust–one minute your wallet’s full and it’s Lambo time, the next second you lose everything in a scam! Keep playing until the Bitcoin Bank runs dry. The Investor with the most Bitcoin wins! Crypto Cash is a fast-paced, get-rich-quick game of cryptocurrency for teens and adults aged 14 and up. Bring it out at your next party for wild and hilarious trading action!
WILD TRADING GAME: Get on the crazy rollercoaster of the Bitcoin market with a frenzied game of Crypto Cash! Which Investors might have insider knowledge and which might think you do? With altcoin values wildly swinging up and down, use your “hot tip” to cash in or fake out the other Investors with your bets and swoop in to change them at the last second.
INVEST IN CRYPTOCURRENCY: Will you win crypto cash or lose it all in a crypto crash? Invest your Bitcoin on the four volatile altcoins when the Market opens. Ledginvest, Dodg-E-Coin, CryoCoin, or Block Burster – which will yield a Bitcoin bonanza? With only seconds left before trading ends, place your bets before time runs out!
DOWNLOAD FREE APP TIMER: You can use any timer that can be set between 3 and 15 seconds to play the game. For a more immersive experience, download the free app timer that was specially developed for the Crypto Cash Game. The pressure is on as the timer counts down the seconds left before the market closes
The Crypto Cash Game is a wild and exciting game of Bitcoin betting for teens and adults aged 14 and up. Will your investing smarts break the Bitcoin Bank?
FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Next time you get together with family and friends, bring along a Spin Master game. The perfect activity for memorable game nights, birthdays, dinner parties, vacations, holiday & Christmas gifts, and any time you just want to have fun!
Includes: 160 Bitcoin, 12 Plastic Bitcoin Wallets, 1 Altcoin Speculation Mat, 1 Spinner, 40 Market Cards, 1 Exchange Manager Card, 4 Insider Trading Cards, 4 Character Cards, Instructions
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