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Product Description

777 Preloaded HDMI Retro Games of 1980s and 1990s, No Need to Download or Buy Games Anymore

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Plug and Play

777 built-in old school Games.Go Back to Old TimesThe Games preloaded in the retro mini console are the Games that you once liked most in your childhood. The old school video Games can also remind you of your childhood and make you relax and laugh like a child.Enhance the relationship with your kidsBy playing these Games with your children, you can find a lot of common topics with them and have a lot of fun and laughter together. You and your children will have better mutual understanding, trust, friendship, and many more happy hours. It is an ideal gift for both children and daddies.

Compatible with 4K TV, Computer Screen, or Projector with an HDMI Output

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HDMI Output, Support TV, PC Screen or Projector with HDMI Port

The HD 777 classic mini retro Game console has a convenient HDMI port that is compatible with most TVs, PC Screens, and projectors used in modern families. Check that your output device has an HDMI output.


1. The controller connected to the right port is the secondary controller. It only works only when you have selected the 2 players mode and when it’s the 2nd player’s turn to play. Only the left controller(the primary one) can be used to control system options.

2. After selecting a Game, if you want to change to another Game, press “RESET”.

3. This is a third-party Game console.

4. You cannot save the Game progress. You can pause the Game using ‘‘Start’’.

5. The image quality will not be as clear as today’s Games.

6. Some Games are repeated, and the number of non-repetitive Games is about 600.

Your Favorite Old Games are All Included in This Mini Retro Game Console

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6 Game Categories, Enabling Quick Game Search

A retro video Game console with built-in Games, which are classic into 6 categories, that is:

Action gamesShooting gamesSports gamesFighting gamesRacing gamesPuzzle Games

You can use the directional buttons to select a Game category and then find the Game you want to play quickly.

Use Start to confirm your selection.

777 built in classic Games can be found in the Super Retro Entertainment System classic edition.

Built-in Most Popular Retro Games (Please Refer to the Alphabetical Game List for Quick Game Search)


A Complete Game List can be Found in the PDF File

The retro video gaming console with 777 built-in Games are divided into 6 categories: Action Games, Shooting Games, Sports Games, Fighting Games, Racing Games, and Puzzle Games. Surely you can find your favorite ones in the 777 classic Games of Super Retro Entertainment System classic edition.

Happy Time with the Ones you Love, Gift for Children and Daddies, Compact Mini Console

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Mini Retro Game Console, Great Family Hours, Excellent Gifts

Package Includes:

1 * Classic Mini Retro Game Console

2 * Classic Mini Game Controllers

1 * AC Adapter

1 * HDMI Cable

1 * User Manual

1 * Games List

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original <a href=Game console system” src=”” class=”a-spacing-mini a-lazy-loaded” data-src=”,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>original <a href=Game console system” src=”,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>

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Meet the Ergonomic Design

Happy Family Time

Gift for Children and Adults

【Preloaded HDMI 777 Old School Retro Games, Plug and Play】This HDMI super retro mini Game console have 777 built-in old school video Games. Just plug and play. No need to download or buy retro Games. You can find most of the most popular classic video Games of the 1980s and 1990s here.
【Build a Deep Relation with Children, Gifts for Kids】If you find it hard to find common topics and build a deep relationship with your children, this super mini classic Game system may be the key to solving your difficulty. Give it as a gift to your kids, sit on the sofa together (4.59 ft handle cable plus 4.92ft HDMI cable), play the Game together, and laugh together and your heart will get closer together naturally.
【HDMI Output, Mini Compact Design】This super retro mini classic gaming console has an HDMI output, much clearer than AV output. Its compact design makes it light and easy to carry. You can put it in your bag and take it anywhere with you. (Check to ensure your PC screen or TV has an HDMI port.) 4K TV is supported.
【Notes】1. Only the Primary controller (the left one) can control system options. The secondary controller (connected to the right port) functions only when you have selected the 2 players mode and can only control the 2nd Game character. 2. To change to another Game, press RESET on the console. 3. This is a third-party Game console. 4. You cannot save the Game progress. You can pause the Game using Start. 5. The image quality is clearer than AV output, but is not as clear as today’s Games.
【Package Includes & 7 x 24h Customer Service】Package includes 1 HDMI 777 Preloaded Retro Video Game Console; 1 HDMI cable (4.92ft), 2 wired controllers, 1 user manual, and 1 Game list. For any questions, contact our 7 x 24 online customer service directly. We guarantee a quick answer within 24h and you’ll find a satisfactory answer to any of your questions.