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Product Description


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High Performance Chip

Super Performance Chip makes video conferencing, Game live broadcasting, etc. clearer and smoother. No delay, no blue screen

Ult-HD 1080P Clear Image

Full HD 1080P video capture, 60Fps video recording and live broadcast.

High-intensity reproduction of video delicate colors, clear, vivid picture quality

Wide Compatibility for Muti APP/devices

Works well with most mainstream Game consoles, Camera, DSLR; OBS Studio, QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X), etc.

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<a href=Game capture card” src=”” class=”a-spacing-mini a-lazy-loaded” data-src=”,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”><a href=Game capture card” src=”,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>

Select the Capture Card 1-1

In the red arrow column, select “USB Video” and the current audio and video capture. As shown in Figure 1-1

Select the Capture Card 2-1

A. Custom Resolution: The Resolution/FPS Type column is set to custom. As shown by the white arrow in Figure 2-1.

B. Set Resolution: Select the appropriate resolution at the up and down arrows on the far right of this column. As shown by the yellow arrow in Figure 2-1.

C. Set FPS : Select the appropriate frame rate at the up and down arrows on the far right of this column. As shown by the red arrow in Figure 2-1.

Drag the drop-down bar on the far right to set the desktop audio and MIC mixing. 3-1

A. Select the “Output Desktop Audio” item at the up and down arrows on the far right of the “Audio Output Mode” column.As shown by the red arrow in Figure 3-1.

B. Mark the “√” in the red box. As shown below:

C. Select the MIC input of the collector at the up and down arrows on the far right of the “Audio Device” column. As shown by the yellow arrow in Figure 3-1.

The OBS is set up and it can be used normally.


1. Q: Is this capture card USB 2.0 or 3.0?

— A: It is USB 2.0. All other brands capture cards under 50 USD are USB2.0, though their fake advertising USB3.0.

2. Q: How to get 1080P 60FPS video recording?

— A: It need to confirm your PC support 1080P@60FPS, and set OBS to 1080P@60FPS correctly.

3. Q: What should I do when there is flickering green screen?

— A: Re-plug the USB and HDMI cables properly, issue is caused by bad connecting.

4. Q: What to do “there was no sound coming through”?

— A: Add Sources “Audio Input Capture” to get property “Microphone/Aux”, unless your PC has “Desktop Audio”.

5. Q: How to deal with buzzing sound

— A: Some low voltage USB panels would cause static buzzing sound, change a proper USB panel or rise enough voltage.

6. Q: Can I use a headphone/microphone combo in one cord instead of two separate things?

— A: It won’t transmit your voice unless you add a splitter.

7. Q: When problems happen?

— A: Please contact our rep for further assistance. We are always ready to help you address issues.

【HD 1080P 60fps Signal Loop Out】: This HDMI capture card for Nintendo Switch has maximum HDMI output resolution up to 4K@30fps, and streams 1080p@60fps video signal through USB 3.0 port. It outputs a clean and clear excellent inage quality without frame lag. You can enjoy recording specific moments in video Game adventures.
【3.5mm Microphone and Audio Input/Output Port】: You can connect the audio video capture device with your earphone with audio out port, you can also connect the video capture device with 3.5mm Microphone so that you can stream your voice and record your voice by the ports easily. you can also use it to add external commentary when playing a Game.
【Wide Compatible with Multiple Systems】: 4K PC capture card is suitable for Windows 7/ 8/ 10, Mac OS X 10.9 or above, Linux and many other systems. Compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch, Camera, Webcame, DSLR, be real-time streaming on Twitch/Youtube/OBS/Potplayer/VLC more easily with your gameplay.
【Quality service and Notice】: You will get 1xHDMI capture card, 1xUSB 3.0 cable, and 1xuser manual. Please note that the OBS Studio software needs to be restarted after audio settings are completed, otherwise it will cause no sound output. And you will get actual 1080p records by connecting USB port monitor after insert MIC/Audio Output devices