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Price: $41.99
(as of Feb 21,2023 05:46:03 UTC – Details)

Awkward Guests: The Walton Case is an innovative card Game of mystery and investigation where each Game recreates the night Mr. Walton was murdered. You won’t ever play two similar Games. What’s more, its engaging Brilliant Deck System will actively involve you in the investigations, allowing you to use genuine detective abilities to solve each case. Will you be the first to solve the mystery? Who killed Mr. Walton? Why did they kill him? How did they put an end to his life?
Card Game of mystery and investigation. More than 3,600 different case solutions.
Use your deductive skills to solve the crime
Infinite replayability thanks to the Brilliant Deck System created by Megacorpin Games.
7 levels of difficulty.
12+ years, 1-8 players, 45-75 min per Game.