5 Hidden Google Games You Can Play

Whether you are procrastinating at work or bored out of your mind in class, follow these instructions to access Google’s hidden Games.

1. T-Rex Run (Google Chrome Browser)
Google knows that the absence of the Internet can make people lose their minds. Luckily, Google hopes to stave off violent reactions with this cute and addictive Game. To play, shut off your device’s Wi-Fi or fire up Chrome when you have no access to the Internet. When presented with the “Unable to connect to the Internet” screen (featuring the aforementioned T-Rex), hit the Space bar.

2. Pac-Man (Google search engine)
It started out as a Google doodle to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pacman in 2010, but the Google Pacman Game was so popular, it was given a permanent home.

3. Snake (Google search engine)
The Google Doodle commemorating the Chinese New Year features a classic Game from Nokia-era mobile phone dominance. That’s right; a version of Snake is playable within Google’s search engine. To play, punch in “Google Snake Game,” and click on the top result.

4. Breakout (Google search engine)
Type “Atari Breakout” into Google images for a nostalgic blast from the past.

5. Zerg Rush (Google Search Engine)
Google “zerg rush” and prepare to defend your browser against hordes of the letter ‘o’ in Google’s logo, which will start to destroy your search results. They’re apparently undefeatable, but you can try to fight them off by clicking on them and share your high score on Google +.

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